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Vitamin Injections

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**$0 Administration Fee for Injections!!**

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Vitamin B12

Gives you energy and helps you with weight loss and higher metabolism, deeper sleep, better mood and balanced immunity. It can also increase your mental clarity and decrease headaches.


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Lipotropic injections are a nonsurgical treatment for burning body fat by injecting substances into the body. Lipotropic injections help fat dissolve by aiding the rate of metabolism. 




Biotin helps nourish hair and nails, nerve recovery, speeds up metabolism and provides skin with the ultimate GLOW!




CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that promotes heart, brain, and skin health, boosts energy and immune system, has anti-aging properties, and can decrease migraine frequency.


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Enhance your total workout experience, by increasing muscle endurance and mass, decrease recovery time and eliminate muscle fatigue.


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Immune Boost

Enhance your body’s natural immune response to prevent illness & speed recovery time.  Improves cell level defense.


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The Ripper

Help your body break down fat, increase energy, suppress appetite, improve sleep, elevate mood, increase workout recovery, increase memory and alertness.


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Vitamin D

Improve heart health, immune system,      and mood. Help lower blood pressure  

and protect/improve bone health.




The mother of all antioxidants. It contains an essential nutrient that prevents damage to important cellular components in your body. This liquid gold is the secret to looking bright and fresh. It’s also a master detoxifier and helps support the immune system.


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Super B

Super boost of energy, stamina, and mental agility by combining B12 with our B Complex. This can also help strengthen the immune system, boost metabolism, and combat the overproduction of cortisol that can lead to weight gain.                                                                                            


- $25 -

Any of the following can be added into any package to create a personalized injection:

  • Biotin

  • B-Complex

  • B-12

  • CoQ10

  • Glutathione

  • Zofran

  • Vitamin C

  • Toradol-nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medicine used for short-term pain management.

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Ripper XL

Super boost of energy, stamina, and mental agility. Help strengthen immune system. Boost metabolism, help break down fat and suppress appetite.                                                                                            


Vitamins are vital for our body’s normal function and are necessary for our growth, general-well-being, and vitality. Except for a few exceptions, vitamins cannot be manufactured or synthesized by the body and their absence or improper absorption results in specific deficiency diseases. Therefore, it is important for our body to obtain vitamins from outside sources to battle against the chance for a deficiency. Latest research indicates that many vitamins taken in large doses can have miraculous healing effects in a wide range of common complaints and illnesses. Proper vitamin injections can supply the needed nutrients your body needs to maintain and enhance normal bodily functions. Vitamin Injections are better absorbed by the body since they go directly into the blood stream.

Possible side effects and Contraindications:

  • Some redness and swelling at the injection site may occur. This should start to get better within forty-eight (48) hours.

  • In rare cases, Vitamin injections can cause dizziness, heart palpitations, chest pain, muscle cramps, restlessness, diarrhea, peripheral vascular thrombosis, itching, transitory exanthema, urticaria (hives), and feelings of swelling of the whole body.

  • Certain herbal products, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, prescription and non-prescription medications may result in side effects when they interact with the B Complex Injection.

  • NIACIN (B3) can cause flushing and itchiness. Consuming alcohol along with niacin might make the flushing and itching worse. Taking niacin (B3) and using a nicotine patch can increase the possibility of becoming flushed and dizzy.

  • People with chronic liver and/or kidney dysfunction should not take frequent B12 injections.

  • Interactions with drugs: Anticholinergic drugs interact with RIBOFLAVIN (VITAMIN B2), medications used for lowering cholesterol (Statins) can interact with NIACIN (VITAMIN B3), chloramphenicol can impede on the red blood cell producing properties of B12. 

  • Other drugs that decrease or reduce absorption of B12: antibiotics, cobalt irradiation, colchicine, colestipol, H2-blockers, metformin, nicotine, birth control pills, potassium chloride, proton pump inhibitors such as Prevacid, Losec, Aciphex, Pantaloc, and Zidovudine.

  • Amiodarone (Cordarone) interacts with PYRIDOXINE (VITAMIN B6)

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