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(Vitamin H)


Biotin is a B-Complex Vitamin, lesser known as Vitamin H (which stands for Haar und Haut, German for “hair and skin”). It is also known as Coenzyme R, which is a water-soluble version of Vitamin B7. Like most of the B-family Vitamins, Biotin is essential for energy creation. When food that contains carbohydrates and fats are absorbed into the body, Biotin metabolizes them into neutral metabolites that the body can effectively use to make energy. A proper supply of biotin is essential for the metabolism of branched chain amino acids, which are necessary for muscle maintenance and brain energy. Biotin is also indispensable for the creation of Nucleotides, which support appropriate levels of energy, healthy immunity, and tissue repair and maintenance. Recent studies have shown that supplementing with Biotin can also be useful for supporting blood sugar levels for those with blood sugar already within normal range.

Biotin is also involved in the metabolism and usage of glucose by the body. Some clinical studies of individuals who have developed hair loss have shown significantly lower levels of this B-Complex Vitamin. Although not everyone with thinning hair or baldness has a Biotin deficiency, supplementation with a Biotin Vitamin may be advantageous for those who wish to address the problem from a nutritional angle. Biotin may also support nerve health and healthy digestion.

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