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IV Vitamin Infusions  

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 Intravenous therapy delivers fluids & nutrients to your cells without any interference from the digestive system. This allows nearly 100% absorption. Even if there are digestive problems this can be very useful in situations where oral nutrients or other therapies are not working. The nutrients kick-start those cells which are performing below optimum levels caused by dehydration.

  • Chronic dehydration causes stress on every system in the body, prolonged dehydration can start to break the body down.

  • Dehydration weakens the immune system and interferes with the REM sleep cycle, which plays a vital role in healing the body.

  • Dehydration symptoms can consist of fatigue, headache/migraine, low grade fever, nausea, muscle cramps, brain fog, dry skin/hair, dark under eye circles, worsened inflammatory response caused by arthritis, lightheadedness, and change in heart rate and rhythm.


IV Vitamin Infusions will re-hydrate the body and deliver nutrients that can help maintain health and boost energy.

*Boost Immune System

*Boost Energy

*Burn Fat

Why Infuse?

*Pre-activity Hydration




*Common Cold/Flu 



*Skin Health   





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Come enjoy a nice massage with us while you relax and infuse!

IV Menu


Get Up & Go

Feel energized and boost metabolism.




Pre-hydrate and energize before your big night out.




Strengthen your immune system. Feel better faster from a cold or the flu.




Reduce appearance of wrinkles, acne & tired skin.


Hangover (2).png


Alleviate headache, nausea, body aches & dehydration.




Hydrate and combat fatigue from dehydration.


The Whole Shebang.png

The Whole Shebang

Boost energy, metabolism, & immune system. Super powerful antioxidant boost. Improve health of blood cells & skin health & appearance. Get the "Glutathione Glow" to lighten & brighten skin.



Group Parties

& Concierge Services

Friends don't let friends infuse alone. Bring your friends or we can bring the party to you!

Just don't feel like leaving the comfort of your own home? No problem! We can come to you.


Performance & Recovery

Enhance performance and decrease recovery time.



Skinny Drip

Burn fat and accelerate weight loss with this lipotropic infusion.


IV Consent Form

Print your Consent Form 

Group or Event Bookings -

Looking to organize a wellness day with your best friends or colleagues? Need a girls' night out? We've got you covered! Want an IV party in the comfort of your own home? We can do that too! Group or event bookings can be made by request. Please call to arrange your booking today.

         Rewards Program -

Start a rewards punch card with your first infusion. Receive a punch for each infusion and for every friend you bring with you or refer. Rack up 5 punches and your 6th infusion is 1/2 price!!

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