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Vaginal Laser Treatment

***FemiLift is a laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure that tightens the vaginal tissue, and rejuvenates the vagina. It is the ideal treatment for women desiring a non-surgical solution to problems such as vaginal dryness, reduced sensation, stress urinary incontinence, and recurring infections. Before FemiLift came along surgery in the form of vaginoplasty was the customary treatment option.

***FemiLift is a breakthrough procedure that uses fractional CO2 energy to strengthen and tighten the vaginal tissues. The outpatient procedure takes 15-20 minutes to perform, and requires no anesthesia or downtime.

***How FemiLift works

FemiLift has a specialized laser probe that is inserted into the vagina and delivers CO2 energy to the entire circumference of the vaginal canal, creating a thermal effect. The deep thermal heating causes existing collagen fibers to contract, and also stimulates the production of new collagen.

***How many treatments do you need?

It typically requires a course of 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

***Is FemiLift Painful?

FemiLift is certainly not a painful procedure, but patients will feel some pressure during treatment.

***What type of results can you expect?

FemiLift will tighten the vaginal walls, restore tone to the vagina, and increase blood flow. This will rejuvenate the vagina, improve sensation during intercourse, and increase lubrication. FemiLift also strengthens the ligaments surrounding the urethra, and this helps to reduce stress urinary incontinence.


***Are you a good candidate

FemiLift laser vaginal rejuvenation is ideal for most women experiencing vaginal concerns such as vaginal laxity, pain with intercourse, and stress urinary incontinence. It is also a beneficial treatment for post-menopausal women seeking relief from issues such as vaginal dryness and recurrent urinary tract infections.

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